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Welcome to our website. Our aim is to introduce the Portuguese Water Dog to you. Maybe you´ve heard about him in the connection with president Obama and then never more about his history, character... I´d like to introduce myself little bit, my dogs and about my relationship to them.

I loved dogs since I was a young girl. I studied the Taufer´s Veterinarian school in Kroměříž and later was employed as a zoo technicon the embryo transplantation department. Unfortunatelly due to later revolution I wasn´t able to continue the job because of the company ending. This made me to do the work I love - dog breeding, taking photography, taking part in shows and travelling. 

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We live in small village in zlín region. Our dogs live with us in our home as a family members and they can use the garden anytime. They are precious girls and ladies.

we have aproached many show successes with Arletka (and hopefully we will continue) and established our FCI kennel - Rei Pescador. Our first litter is planned for Summer 2014. I will always focus on quality of the puppies and never have a litter every year or more often. The quality is the only measure of our kennel, same as happines of our future puppies owners.

You can see where our dogs can relax. I believe they have happy dog life and they are repaying it to me with their love and loyality.


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