Standard color variants

The coat is black or brown of various shades, or solid white. In black or brown coats, white is accepted in the following locations: muzzle, topknot, neck, forechest, belly, tip of tail and lower extremities of the limbs, below the elbows and hocks. The white coat must not be albino, consequently the nose, eyelids and inside of the mouth should be pigmented in black, and brown in brown dogs.

In this breed partial clipping of the coat, when it is too long, is typical. The hindquarters, the muzzle and part of the tail are clipped, leaving a plume of full length hair at the tip of the tail.


Thanks to Ms. Silke Hollje-Schumacher for the photos below:


copyrigh Cadamostos


copyrigh Cadamostos


Copyrigh Cadamostos

Aquatass_Magic_Touch--Brown with white markssoso_053

Copyrigh Cadamostos                                                                copyrigth Cadamostos

Bjoerklundens_Helgon_Lucian_Stjarrna-black with white marksFDiverChDelSursMakinAllTheRightMoves

Copyrigh Cadamostos                                                            Copyrigt Cadamostos

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